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What to Consider when Installing Industrial Lighting

Lighting plays an important part of your industrial processes. Without it, workers cannot perform their duties effectively, your environment may be rendered dangerous, and your facility simply cannot operate as efficiently as you need it to. It almost goes without saying, but your facility’s lighting design is one of the most crucial choices you can make in your facility, and it is because of that, that it should be carefully planned and considered before it is installed. So, to help you get it right, here are a few tips on what you need to think about when having lighting designed and installed to your facility.

The Safety of Staff and Visitors

The people frequenting your facility need to be able to see clearly. Whether they are working on dangerous or intricate tasks, or simply need to navigate their way around your facility safely, the correct lighting is important. Without it, they may cause damage to your equipment or sustain injuries themselves; a crucial reason why lighting is literally, vitally important.

The Requirements of your Environment

Depending on the nature of your facility, you may have dangerous materials stored that create specific needs for well-designed lighting systems. Consider a factory that produces flammable or combustible goods; often these materials hold a risk of ignition when they come into contact with lighting, and as such, these lighting systems need to be air-tight and protected against such an event.

The Cost Effectiveness of your Solution

Cost is always a major factor when selecting a lighting system, since power costs often take up a chunk of a facility’s overheads. However, by sourcing the right type of energy efficient lighting, such as LED downlights , you could save your facility a fortune in the long run.

Your Responsibility to the Planet

We are living in an age where our responsibility to the wellbeing of the environment is one that applies to all of us, and facility managers often have the largest impact on the environment, and as such also have the greatest responsibility. Finding energy efficient solutions will allow facilities to lower their carbon-footprint, extending the longevity of our environment.

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