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Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Generator

A generator is a machine/device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy for use when electricity is out of reach or not available. Additionally, Generators are designed to create electrical energy and use a type of fuel to burn to do so.


Energy Producing Ability

One of the major advantages of a Generator is its ability to produce electricity. There are many other power producing devices also available but between them generators are consider most powerful energy producing device. It does not only support us in our home but it works best for businesses worldwide. Furthermore, in the business organization we would need to run heavy machinery that consume huge amounts of electricity and as we know that in our country we have electrical blackouts almost every month and in that situation, generators can play very important roll. There are various types and sizes of generators to purchase for all your requirements.


Generators are generally built to withstand a beating, with a steel frame to hold the heavy machine and with steel covers to protect any vulnerable parts. Generators can produce energy for long hours and withstand mild weather conditions. For a longer life span, it would be wise to service and repair any generator to maintain the high performance of the machine parts.


Effects on the environment

Generators are not an eco-friendly power producing machine. It produces large amounts of smoke along with the noise it creates; both the smoke and noise pollute our environment as well as harm people and animals. Generators should be kept outside far from the workplace and homes in a secure area, mainly because when in use the generator produces harmful toxins that could affect you and be bad for your health.

Power Storage

Generators cannot retain power and this is a massive disadvantage of this power producing machine, it can only produce energy when turned on. When using a generator keep in mind that you would need to set the voltage to suit your household appliances and office equipment, if this step is not properly done you may burnout all your appliances and equipment.

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